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Unilevel MLM Website Package:

This Unilevel MLM Website is based on the Unilevel Structure of Networks.

Unilevel Network Structure:

There is no limitation when it comes to number of users that can be placed under a particular user in this Unilevel Network Model. This this, you have any number of users under a particular user like 0 users or 1000 users. As shown in the below diagram, you can see that the User 1 has User 2, User 3, User 4, User 5, User 6 under him on his Level 1. Even further referrals made by User 1 will also be directly placed on his Level 1. so there will be no spillover in this Unilevel Network Model as there is no limit to the number of users under a particular user.


All the users under the User 1 are called as Downline of User 1. User 2-6 are Level 1 for User 1, Users 7-10 (and all further users on that level) are Level 2 for User 1. Users 11-13 (and all further users on that level) are Level 3 for User 1. All the users above the User 1 in the network are called the Upline of User 1. As usual, Commissions will be paid only for the downline members.

In a Unilevel Network Structure the Width of the Network is unlimited while the Depth is limited (usually varies from 1 – 10 levels).

Unilevel MLM Website:

If your payout plan is based on number of people joining the network then this Unilevel MLM Website Package would be the right choice. In this type exising members earn commision only when the new persons joins under them. The commissions are distributed everytime only a new person joins a member’s downline. No commision are paid if no new memebrs join the network in a paypout cycle.


Note: This MLM Website will not work with Godaddy Hosting as GoDaddy doesn’t support Ioncube Loaders.

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