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what is a sales page on a website


what is a sales page on a website?

The visitors are always looking for Best product / services at best price with high quality.  You have to impress these things within 2 – 5 seconds after they entered into your sales page. So your sales page is very very important.

Again and again we are saying the content is the king. As per the sales page really you need to say really about who you are? and what you are? Why you?

The way you designed your website is going to playing a vital role to convert the visitor into customer.

The advantages of your product / services should be highlighted.

Your contact details should be in all places of your website.

So do not go with what you like…….. Think from visitor point of view. You should accept general colors and wow type new structure design to encourage your visitor to stay with your page few more minutes.

Have to strictly stay with only one product or one services for one sales page. Must One,

Educate your visitor and earn their trust. Automatically you will be the first company in their mind always. To do this you have to write FAQ or common updated related with your industry.  Without showing your up-gradation skill you cannot earn your visitor’s trust and convert them to customer. By writing blog or working regularly with social pages.
Adding real / true client’s testimonial also will build trust on you.

Listen your visitors by offering “get free quote” or “ask free questions with us”

Why you are not providing guarantee for your product / services. If exist extend the period.

Hope now you got a clear idea to design your sales page content. Best wishes…..
— Jeyakumar

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