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Website Design Trends 2017 Coimbatore–Part 3

Web Design Trends Coimbatore 2017 Part3

Web Designing is constantly evolving over time. Most of the Website Design trends followed in the previous years are being termed as Outdated and old fashioned. So figuring out the Current trends is as important as anything.

Go through the below points to keep yourself updated about the latest Website Design Trends.

Reactive Animation:

There is no doubt that reactive animation is the next big thing in Website Design Community. We have to look beyond pseudo classes :hover and :active for basic interactivity. This is where Reactive Animations comes into play. Reactive animation let the element to change its state when the mouse starts approaching the element. User doesn’t need to hover the element to see the change. By making these kinds of smaller yet powerful upgrades we can always stay updated about the current trends.

Video Backgrounds:

Video backgrounds gaining popularity is not a big deal at all. Since High speed internet, advanced servers and HD videos are available why not make use of the Full screen Video backgrounds? Only issue with using video backgrounds is the disturbance they bring in to the picture. Removing the sound from the video just clears the issue and you are ready to go.

Mobile App Version of your Website:

Responsive Website design is a must have feature for any website. But it is not enough nowadays for websites. Mobile Applications has taken the world by storm and having a mobile app for your business is always an added advantage. Having said that, to develop a Mobile Application you need to spend some amount of money. But everyone can’t afford money beyond their budget. We provide a better solution for this by converting your wordpress website into a mobile app at a very affordable price using some automated tools available in the market. It is always better to have something rather than having nothing. So never have doubts about having a mobile application for your business.

High-Quality Authentic Photography:

HQ stock photos were considered as a best choice for Web Design once but now stock photography has become a boring thing all of a sudden. You can see a same HQ image in most of the websites. With this kind of trend, real photos are more likely to convert the visitors into customers. But still photo quality is still an important factor. So there is no doubt that High Quality Authentic Photography is the next big thing in Website Design.

Inner Page Different Template Design:

Innerpage template design is the most discussed and debated topic in website design over the past few years. Innerpage Designs are not concentrated much like Homepage Design. Having world class homepage design and monotonous design for all other innerpage let down the entire website. It is time to concentrate on different designs for every innerpage as we do for homepage design.

Glass effect, Vibrant Colours, Fill Pattern, Shadow effects:

Glass effect, Vibrant Colours, Fill Pattern, Shadow effects will never go out of trend. These are essential part of any website design. There may be difference in the way we use these effects but we cannot pin point a website without any of these effects. It is in the hands of the designer to make sure that these effects are not overused.

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