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Website Design Trends 2017 Coimbatore–Part 2

Web Design Trends Coimbatore 2017 Part2

Everything keeps changing. One which is followed as a standard is now termed as outdated. So it is crucial part of our job to stay updated about current technologies & trends.

Here is the another set of upcoming trends in Website Design.

Conversational UI:

Yet another hot topic when it comes to web design trend nowadays is Conversational UI. As the name Conversational UI suggests it is a feature that enables the user to communicate. Conversational UI can be in both Verbal and Non Verbal form. Success of the Conversational UI in our website depends on how well we are utilising it. A Conversational UI for example, a Chabot’s role in a website can be similar to shop assistance. Slack Messenger, Facebook Messenger and WeChat are famous Conversational UI to be integrated in your websites.

Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax Scrolling has been in the Website Trends topic for a while now. Some might same that parallax scrolling is outdated and faded. Well it all depends on where and how you are using it. Major issue in parallax scrolling is overdose of it. Parallax has found its own place among web developers. Parallax Scrolling is impressive but it is not meant for every website you design or develop. It has become an overdose lately. It’s being overused and thus making it more harmful than beneficial.

Large Screen Design:

Large Screen Design is one of the hottest trending topics in Website Design field. Importance of Large Screen Design is as important as Responsive Design. We all know that people are using mobile more often than anything else. But in the same way, Desktop Screen sizes are also becoming larger day by day. As the desktop screen sizes are becoming larger, we need to design the websites considering those larger screen sizes too. As discussed above, Large Screen Designs are as important as Mobile Responsive designs. It’s just a matter of time for the web designers to realize this importance of large screen designs to stay updated in current web design trends.

Responsive Components:

Responsive Web design is the key to succeed in web designing. Responsive web design isn’t complete without these responsive components. Flexible grids are the basic component of responsive web design. We need to code the sections in a way that they adapt in the small devices too. Another important component is flexible images. Flexible images are tedious job for web designer when it comes to responsive. Media queries are the important responsive components in web designing. Media queries are used to change the layout of the website based on the screen size.

Device Specific Micro Interactions:

Device Specific Micro Interactions are feature or trend to look out for in upcoming days in Website Design community. Micro Interactions play an important role but isn’t considered as one such thing. They let the users know that the action we completed did something like icon animating while refreshing a page etc. Micro Interactions while rating article or liking article in a website can be very attractive from a user point of view. So there is no doubt that Device Specific Micro interactions are key to upcoming web design trends.

Graphics and Icons:

We all know that Website is made of text and images. Usage of image is always preferred over text. Usage of stock images has been slightly moving into boring trend. Usage of Icons has been quite popular nowadays. Icons are mostly used to attract the user’s attention so icons are mostly used in display a company’s features etc. Meanwhile Graphics should contain the important content of that page as it attracts the user bigtime. Be it Graphics or Icons, Purpose and placement is the key to success.

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