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Website Design Trends 2017 Coimbatore-Part 1

Web Design Trends Coimbatore 2017

Apart from technical knowledge, following the current trend is a hectic and important part of Web Designing. It just takes a matter of seconds to tag something as Old fashioned or outdated. Before putting all the hard work on something, a bit of research has to be done to figure out whether what are going to do, what are the expectations and how others are working etc.

To guide everyone about what Web Designing has in store for us in 2017 is discussed below.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project which is designed to make mobile pages load fast. In simple words, this is stripped form of Hyper Text Mark-up language (HTML). Stripped form of HTML means using certain HTML tags and ignoring certain HTML tags. Same goes for CSS as well. It’s not all about restricting everything. We will be using most of the HTML & CSS with few being restricted. When it comes to JavaScript, it is completely restricted. We will be allowed to use only the JavaScript Library which they provide for all script related works like lazy loading etc. Most of the web designers has realized the importance of AMP and started adapting to it.

Hamburger Menu:

Another important trend is Hamburger Menu and also the most confused one these days. Hamburger Menu is also called as Hotdog menu or three-line menu. Hamburger Menu and SEO has been the hot topic these days. Using Hamburger Menu in Desktop site may lead to Discovery Problems. Having said that, it is not fair to term like that since it is very easy for everyone to identify that those 3 lines indicates the hidden menu. Using Hamburger menu in Mobile version is never bad idea at all.

Evolution of Typography:

When it comes to Website Design, Typography and Images is what it is all about. You cannot see a website without typography. Evolution of typography over the years is mind blowing. Evolution in typography is not only about the size of the fonts but also breaking the stereotype in the font used. Yes, There was a time when Open Sans, Lato, Roboto are the fonts which are widely used in the websites. Later they started using different fonts for heading alone. Now it is about to change and its changing. Every Web Designer has adapted to the new typographic evolution by using different fonts throughout the website and also using Bold and Bigger fonts giving better readability for better customer experience.

Modular Grid Layouts:

Modular Grid layouts are the one of the important addition to this list. This modular layout has been here for a while now but it is started gaining momentum and popularity very lately to be honest. Here in this technique everything is built using Block Grid pattern. Making it hard to anticipate the pattern for the viewers and providing a better readability. Modular Grid layouts are definitely the one which everyone needs to adapt in order to emerge successful.

Split Screen Design – 50/50 – 25/75:

Split Screen Design is another trend to watch out for in upcoming days. Its concept is simple “One Screen, Two Messages”. This Split screen Design can be of any ratio. Be it 50-50 or 25-75 or 75-25 etc. Most of the web designers have started using this trend effectively. Since the usage of Bold & Creative Fonts are in trend, combining this Split screen design with Bold & Bigger fonts in Contrast background is a eye pleasing visual treat in my opinion. And another important advantage is this draws the user attraction very easily. So it is very easy to wrap your important or go to feature in split screen design. And also technically it is easy to rearrange the layouts in responsive design for mobile phones as well.

Card Based Interfaces:

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve already adapted to card based interface. Right from News Website to Entertainment Website, Card based Interface is ruling the web nowadays. Small boxes full of images and text has become a default option for simple yet powerful design. Usage of Card based Interface has made a way for eliminating those lengthy texts with meaningful small contents. Users are benefited in a large way that they don’t have to go deep into the content to get idea about what it is all about.

Geometric Patterns in Graphic Design:

Flat Designs once took Web Designing by a storm and now it’s diminishing day by day. By the time Flat designs are fading, Geometric Patterns are making a statement in Website Designing community. Since the geometric patterns are quite new, they look unique as well as trendy. Geometric Patterns with gradient effects, Geometric Patterns in Illusion Background and splitting photos into geometric shaped frames are trends to watch out for in upcoming days.

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