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Website and Mobile Apps Maps API Providers

Website Mobile Apps Maps API Providers

Mobile Location and Maps are used together to track the location of the Car, Bus etc. This feature is mostly used in Taxi Booking, Taxi Rental kind of mobile apps. OLA & UBER are the well-known giants in this taxi booking mobile app platform. To use these kinds of apps, you need to turn on GPS Location in your mobile.

We use Maps API for this kind of mobile app development. There are so many Maps API providers who provide Map API as free & premium versions. Few of them are Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Foursquare, Mapbox, Esri ArcGIS, and Yahoo BOSS PlaceFinder.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the top 5 Mapping API providers which are available in the market.

Google Maps

Even though there are so many Mapping API providers, Google Maps are on the top of list. According the recent survey conducted by Nielsen, there are more than 75 million unique mobile app users per month. Such a mind boggling stat. Apart from this, there is so many applications which are owned by third parties which use Google Maps API. Google provides various APIs for various purposes such as Google Maps Android API, Google Places API for Android, Google Maps SDK for iOS, Google Places API for iOS, Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Static Maps API, Google Street View Image API, Google Maps Embed API, Google Maps Directions API, Google Maps Distance Matrix API 4, Google Maps Elevation API, Google Maps Geocoding API, Google Maps Geolocation API, Google Maps Roads API, Google Maps Time Zone API. Google Maps API provides both free and premium versions. Free versions are subjected to usage limits per day.

Google Maps is the 5th most popular mobile app, both Android and iOS, as on June 2017. Google is continuously providing various features and that’s the reason why they are on the top.

Google Maps API Link:

Google Maps API Provider: Google

Microsoft Bing Maps

Microsoft Bing Maps API is long way behind when compared to Google Maps API. But still they are also the widely used Maps API. This API is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft Bing Maps API provides detailed documentation and it is well documented. Microsoft Bing Maps API provides various API options based on the needs. They are V8 Web Control, Windows 10, REST, Spatial Data and WPF.

Microsoft Bing Maps API Link:

Microsoft Bing Maps API Provider: Microsoft


OpenLayers is another widely used Map API in web browsers for rendering maps. OpenLayers is a Javascript library uses various features like HTML5, Canvas 2D and WebGL etc. Main advantage of OpenLayers API is they are completely free to use. There are no charges for using this API. OpenLayers can be used for pulling tiles and for rendering vector data from various resources like OpenStreetMap, Bing and GeoJSON etc. Tiled Layers, Vector Layers, Lightweight, Fast and easy to extend and customize are the major features of OpenLayers. OpenLayers documentation is well organized which is useful for the developers. They also have lot of live demos and sample codes in their website. Another major advantage of OpenLayers is their ability to pull tiles from various mapping platforms.

OpenLayers Maps API Link:

OpenLayers Maps API Provider: OpenLayers


OpenStreetMap API is another widely used Maps API. OpenStreetMap is quite different when compared to other Map APIs. OpenStreetMap is a free project which is maintained by group of volunteers who distribute free Geographical data. OpenStreetMap API uses tags to describe geographic attribute. Features of OpenStreetMap API are Aerialway, Aeroway, Amenity, Barrier, Boundary, Building, Craft, Emergency, Geological, Highway, Waterway, Tourism, Railway and much more to this list. Major difference between OpenStreetMap and other Map API providers are this OpenStreetMap API does not allow embedding the map in the website page. They are used to retrieve or store the geographical date in their database.

OpenStreetMap Maps API Link:

OpenStreetMap Maps API Provider: OpenStreetMap


MapQuest is another Map API which provides both premium and free API versions. MapQuest used OpenStreetMap as primary source for the data. MapQuest provides various Single Purpose APIs for specific purposes. JSON, KML and XML are the supported response formats and URI Query String/CRUD, XML, GeoRSS and JavaScript are the supported request formats. Mapping, Geocoding, Directions, Search, Search Ahead, Static Map, Traffic, Data Manager, Nominatim and Elevation are the services offered by MapQuest. Another important stat about MapQuest is it was founded long before Google and they released their Map API services way before Google’s Google Map API release. MapQuest provides various features to add maps quickly into the applications.

MapQuest Maps API Link:

MapQuest Maps API Provider: MapQuest

Website and Mobile Apps Maps API Providers
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Website and Mobile Apps Maps API Providers
There are so many Maps API providers who provide Map API as free & premium versions. Few of them are Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Foursquare, Mapbox, Esri ArcGIS, and Yahoo BOSS PlaceFinder.
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