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Taxi Booking Android IOS Mobile App Development Coimbatore India

The Online Taxi Booking Mobile App is a hot topic in mobile app development field. We are a famous Mobile App Development company who provide Online IOS, ANDROID Taxi Booking Mobile App development like OLA UBER in Coimbatore India. Mobile Location and Map technologies are using together to track the location of a Car or Bus etc in Taxi Mobile App Development. This feature is mostly used in Taxi Booking, Taxi Rental kind of mobile apps. OLA is a famous taxi booking company in India and UBER is the well-known company in this taxi booking mobile app platform throughout the world. To use these kinds of mobile apps, the user needs to turn on GPS location on his Android/IOS mobile.

We use Maps API for IOS and Android mobile app development in Coimbatore India. There are so many Maps API providers who provide Map API as free & premium versions. Few of them are Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenLayers, Foursquare, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Mapbox, Esri ArcGIS, and Yahoo BOSS PlaceFinder. Read More.

Even though there are so many Maps API providers, Most of the location based mobile apps are using Google Maps API for various purposes in mobile app development in Coimbatore India. OLA and UBER are the mobile apps which took the lead in the mobile app development community by using Maps API and become a giant in Online Travel Booking Mobile Apps Community. They are having both the IOS & Android platform Mobile Apps for their users.

ANDROID App Development

IOS App Development

Taxi Mobile App like OLA UBER

In these mobile apps, customer can view the cars or taxi near his location and user can book taxi in their IOS / Android Mobile. And also Customer can see the real time location and movements of the car in this mobile app. By using these features, Customers can make use of it. In the same app, taxi drivers also have the option to see from where the user is booking the taxi. These mobile apps show the real time location, route map and distance etc. All the vehicles are equipped with onboard GPS for route navigation purposes.

These Mobile apps like OLA UBER provide various features for both IOS and Android versions. In the mobile app, you can save your frequent locations like Home, Office, Railway Station, Airport, Current Locations etc. You can see all the available cars, taxi, and auto near your location in real time Map. These mobile apps also provide instant confirmation details about the trips. You can track your ride in real time. They provide various payment modes for their customers. You can pay either by Cash or by various cashless methods. These mobile apps also have option to Schedule your ride by Ride Later Feature. Since Safety is a major concern, Customer can share the ride details with their friends & family so they can track your taxi & know you are safe. These taxi booking mobile apps can be developed in both Android and IOS in Coimbatore India.

Basically these Taxi Booking Mobile Apps like OLA UBER have separate Apps for Drivers & Customers. Mobile App Owner or Admin will be using Web App. We also provide both Free and Premium Versions for Taxi Booking Mobile App in Coimbatore India.

Taxi Mobile App - Customer Features

Easy Login Registration

Customer can register and login in to the taxi app using his mobile number.

Profile Management

Customer can edit their Profile information like Name, Email and Phone Number.

Map View

Customer can select the Starting location & Drop location on the map from the mobile app itself.

Fare Estimation

Before booking, Customer can see the fare estimation of the ride and decide.

Track Driver Location

Customer can check the Driver location from the app itself using location service.

Easy Booking

Customer can select the type of car which he wants and book the taxi.

Easy Cancellation

Customer can cancel the booking anytime before boarding by entering a reason.

Real Time Status

Customer can see the status of the Trip in real time without any time delay.

Trip History

Customer will have an option to see the ride history.

Mode of Payment

Cash payments only.

Taxi Mobile App - Driver Features

  • Easy Login - Driver will have option to Login using Mobile number and Logout.
  • Profile management - Driver can edit his profile information.
  • Availability option - Driver can update his status whether he is Available or Not Available.
  • Trip Status Option - Driver has an option to update the trip status as Completed or Cancelled.
  • Real time Notifications - Driver will get notification on the mobile when a user books his taxi.
  • Trip Details - Driver can see the ride details like name, Pickup location, Drop location, distance and fare.
  • Accept / Reject a Ride - Drive will have an option to accept or reject a ride. If he rejects, he should provide the reason.

Taxi Mobile App - Admin Web App Features

  • Easy Login - Admin will have option to Login and Logout.
  • Manage Drivers - Admin can manage Drivers
  • Manage Customers - Admin can manage Customers
  • Manage Vehicles - Admin can Manage Vehicles
  • Manage Tariffs - Admin can manage the Tariffs
  • Trip History - Admin will have an option to see the Trip History.
  • Reports – Driver wise / Date wise

Taxi Mobile App Coimbatore - Premium Features

  • Multiple Payment Options - Customer can pay the amount online via Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Cash.
  • Rating - Customers can Rate Driver.
  • Book for Others - Customer can book a taxi for others.
  • Offers & Discounts - Providing offers, rewards and discounts for users.
  • Ride Later - Schedule a ride for future.
  • Contact the Driver – Customer can contact the driver directly.
  • Trip History - Driver can check his Ride History.
  • Track Earnings - Driver will have an option for Track Earnings.
  • Manual Booking – Admin has an option to Manual Booking option.
  • Admin can generate the various reports based on Date, Customer, Vehicle and Driver etc.
  • Admin can set multiple pricings for a car based on demand.

Tools and Technologies We Use for Mobile App Development in Coimbatore

We use multiple technologies for developing Taxi Android IOS Mobile App like Ola & Uber.

Taxi Booking Android IOS Mobile App Development Coimbatore India
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