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Manufacturer Website Designing Company in Coimbatore

PG Softwares in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India provides the complete customer support. First, we understand your requirement after that start to design your manufacturer website. Based on the customer requirement, the number of pages and features the cost will vary to design the website. But, for the good quality of the manufacturing website should have the following information. The pages are home page, about us, services, product specification, blog, FAQ, Image gallery & Video Gallery, Client details, Testimonial, News & Events, Offer, Infrastructure, Privacy Policy, Certification & Awards and Contact Form. By using analytics, the manufacturing industry website will understand the visitor’s behaviour and also easily capture the visitor’s information. The website design is the first impression for all manufacturing industries to achieve the targeting visitors. Our website design service is easily attracted by the visitors. The visitors can get clear information about the product and service of the business. We support all types of manufacturing industries such as plastic industry, metal fabrication, machine industry etc.

We plan to design the website for pump manufacturers and motor manufacturers (submersible motor) with more features in India. In developing the pump manufacturer website, designing the website with following facilities such as domestic pumps, industrial pumps, agricultural pumps and solar pumps, etc. The clear information on manufacturing the pump is present in the website to attract the visitors. In developing the motor manufacturers, the website develops with following facilities such as Electric Motor Manufacturers, Industrial Motor Manufacturers, Three Phase Electric Motor Manufacturers, AC Induction Motor Manufacturers and Geared AC Motor Manufacturers etc.

PG Softwares is the professional web design company in developing the quality of manufacturer websites in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We deliver the quality of services to various manufacturing industries in India. The manufacturing industry website should have the following features for reaching the targeting audience. The features are clean and simple design, complete responsiveness, simple navigation, etc. PG Softwares have dedicated team to develop the brochure, template and website as per the customer requirement in time. Generally, the manufacturing industries are expecting only how to get the more order through their business website. Our good website design will convert the visitors into your customers. The website is very important for every manufacturing industry.

How many pages needed for the good manufacturer website?

A good manufacturer website should have the 15 pages for getting the more impression from visitors. The pages are home page, about us, services, product specification, blog, FAQ, Image gallery & Video Gallery, Client details, Testimonial, News & Events, Offer, Infrastructure, Privacy Policy, Certification & Awards and Contact Form.

What is the cost of manufacturer website designing in Coimbatore India?

The costs of the manufacturing website designing in India vary based on the customer requirements. PG Softwares provides the best manufacturing website design at very less cost compare to other web design companies in India. Initially, we provide the 2 numbers of templates design as per customer requirements. After getting the template confirmation from customer, our development team converts the template into responsive design using CSS and HTML etc. Time is the main factor when designing your website. Based on the time, we will calculate the price for designing your manufacturing website.

What are the benefits of manufacturing website?

  • We help to reach your business services to the visitors in an efficient way.
  • The customer can get detail information about the business and products.
  • Manufacturing websites gives you a chance to gain more clients that help your business grow.
  • Increase your presents in online.
  • Help to touch with your existing customer and also new visitors.
  • Can help to get customer feedback which helps you to develop an effective business solution such as removing faults or increasing services.

What are the information’s should provide on the Manufacturer website?

This is the first question asked before designing your manufacturer website. Your company website only helps the visitors let you know your business services and goals. So, the following information should be considered when designing the manufacturing website. First, provides the clear information about your manufacturing business online. Second, provides the location details, valid contact information, services & product details, client details, image & video gallery, testimonial report, Enquiry form etc. The advanced features such as manufacturer websites infrastructure details, ISO certification & awards details etc.

Manufacturer Website Design Development Coimbatore Tamilnadu India
Manufacturer Website Design Development Coimbatore Tamilnadu India

How to increase profit in a manufacturing business?

  • Give the quick and quality of services.
  • Expand your sales and provide the new offer.
  • Provide best customer support and also increase your customer satisfaction on sale.
  • Invest in online marketing to increase your business identification.

Why PG Softwares for developing the website of Manufacturing Industries?

  • We are specialized in developing the more number of manufacturer website design for various industries so we know all the best features about how to develop best manufacturer website design with all features in the market.
  • We are providing best website design package price for all types of manufacturing industries.
  • We are well experienced in designing and developing the website for manufacturing industries with recent technology.
  • We are providing 100% satisfaction to our clients in developing the website as per what their needs in time.
  • We are developing responsive website with trustworthy design which helps to express more about your business to the visitors.
  • We are developing responsive website with trustworthy design which helps to express more about your business to the visitors.
  • We are providing the customized manufacturer website design for engaging visitors.
  • We are designing website for micro industries, small scale industries, medium scale industries and large scale industries.

What are the advantages of manufacturing business?

  • The Manufacturing business has continuous innovation which is the interesting thing.
  • Manufacturing business easily adopts new technologies which speed up your production and also improve your customer satisfaction.
  • The Continuous innovation easily attracts the visitors which help to get more customers.


  • Logo: This is represented your business that’s unique.
  • Tagline: Which shows the description of what your business does.
  • Phone Number: Provide the valid phone number.
  • Calls-to-Action: Tell visitors what you would like them to do.
  • Top Navigation: Which is used to find the top pages of your site.


  • Image with Slider: This is represented your business that’s unique.
  • Important Business Information: Which shows the description of what your business does.
  • Testimonials Report: Provide the valid phone number.


  • Original Content: Provides the original content for increasing visitor’s experience.
  • Main Features: Provide the information of your products and services.
  • Internal link building: Provide the valid internal link building in the home page.


  • Navigation: Provide the navigation to all the pages.
  • Social Media Button: Engage your visitors from social media websites.
  • Online Chat Feature: Which is used to the visitor’s communicating instantly.
  • Contact Details: Business address, phone number and email address.


  • About us page: Provide your story of your business.
  • Service Page: Provide the information of your service details.
  • Product catalogue: We build the product catalogue for your manufacturing website which is essential for all manufacturing business. The detail information of manufacturing product can modify by own.
  • Blog Page: The latest updates about your industries, company news and client stories etc.
  • FAQ Page: List the frequently asked questions about your products and services.
  • Image Galley and Video Gallery: Show your manufacturing industries related images. The real video gallery of your manufacturing industries also provide to enhance your business. The video can be impressive one more than images to the visitors.
  • Client details: The client details are displayed for the visitors to know your footprints.
  • Testimonial Page: we provide the testimonial details in the form of both image and video. The video testimonial report is more impressive to the visitor’s than image format.
  • News & Events Page: we offer the industrial fair updates such as up-to-date manufacturing industry exhibition, industrial fair details, tradeshow details etc.
  • Offer Page: we provide the offer details of your manufacturing industry services are listed in this page.
  • Infrastructure Page: In this page the detail information of infrastructure details of your manufacturing business such as machine power, generator, machinery, stores, inventory details, quality testing details, delivery details, support details etc.
  • Privacy Policy Page: Let visitor’s to know what are all the information collected from them and what are all the policy you follow for completing their requirements.
  • Certification & Awards: We provide the document format for all department process which follows the ISO standard format. Also provide the information of your manufacturing industrial awards, membership with domestic, manufacturer association etc.
  • Contact Form: The contact form help the visitor get quick response from your business.


  • Add Comment Feature: Increase the user engagement.
  • Search bar: Make easy for visitors to search the details what they are seeking.
  • Sidebar: Show your updated or most popular blog posts, call-to-action or related posts.
  • Social Media Share: Permit the users to easily share your blog information and articles.


  • Optimized Title and Meta Description: Utilize the optimize title and Meta description for increasing the visibility of your business in the search engine.
  • Automatic Sitemap Creation: Submit your business details to google webmaster.
  • Create Spam Free Website: Avoid the hidden text, keyword stuffing, redirects etc.


  • Fast and Reliable hosting: We provide the reliable hosting.
  • Website backup features: Take your website backup regularly.
  • SSL: We provide the SSL certificate to enhance the secure connection of your website.


  • Optimized code for fast page loading: Utilize the optimized code for increasing the page load.
  • Utilize a CMS: Utilize the content management system for managing the website content by own.
  • Enhance browser compatibility: Increase your website visibility in all the devices.
  • Integrate with google search console: Google search console helps to know the detail information of your website such as security, page index details etc.
  • Integrate with google analytics: Google analytics helps to track your website information such as how many number of users access your website, country details etc.


Mobile Responsive Website Design Coimbatore

Mobile Responsive

You can able to see your manufacturing website in all devices like desktop, mobile phone, tablet etc.

Dynamic Map Website Design Coimbatore

Dynamic Map

Your website embeds with the dynamic map to know your exact location.

Live Chat Website Design Coimbatore

Live Chat

The live chat option helps the visitor can send the message to you.

User Friendly Matrimony Website Development Company Coimbatore

Visitor Analytics

The visitor information can be seen in the visitor analytics.

Easy Navigation Matrimony Website Development Company Coimbatore

Utilize Bread Crump Navigation

This navigation helps the visitors navigate hierarchically.

Royalty Free Icons Images Coimbatore

Online sales (e-commerce)

You can sale product in the online.

Fav Icon Website Design

Online customer support (Tracking module)

The tracking module help to tract the information of the customer.

Custom Design Template Coimbatore

Online product catalogue

This option helps to display the detail of the products. We utilize the contrast colors in the development of manufacturing website.

Geometric Pattern Website Design Coimbatore

Help desk Support

By using the help desk support option, visitor can contact you if they have any doubts about your product or services.

Slider Website Design Coimbatore

Well content pattern

The content pattern is efficiently organized to increase good look of the website.

Contact Form Validation Website Design Coimbatore

Browser Consistency

The browser consistency can be enhanced user searching experiences.

Optimized code for fast page loading Manufacturer Design Coimbatore

Optimized code for fast page loading

Provide the optimized code for fast page loading.

Utilize contrasting colour scheme Coimbatore

Utilize contrasting colour scheme

The good quality of contrast between the background and text helps to get visitors impression.

Contact Information Manufacturer Website Design Coimbatore

Contact Information

We provides only the verified information of manufacturing company address and contact details.

Integrate with social media sites Manufacturer Website Design Coimbatore

Integrate with social media sites

We integrate your websites into various social network platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, google+, reddit and tumblr.


Product Slider in the Home Page Manufacturer Website Design Coimbatore

Product Slider in the Home Page

The product information in the form of slider presents in the home page.

Spam filter Manufacturer Website Design Coimbatore

Spam filter

This filter is used to prevent from the spam in comments, images etc.

Page Management Manufacturer Website Development Company Coimbatore

Page Management

The user can easily add, edit and delete the pages and images in your manufacturing website.

Product Sharing Manufacturer Website Development Company Coimbatore

Product Sharing

The list of products are shared through any social media such as facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest etc.

Technical document pdf downloads Manufacturer Website Design Coimbatore

Technical document pdf downloads

We provide the technical information of your manufacturing industry in the PDF format and the visitor’s can download this PDF document from your manufacturing website.

Popup Notification Website Design Coimbatore

Popup Notification

Popup Notification option can be used in the website to display offers, urgent announcements etc.

News Letter Email Subscription Website Design Coimbatore

Email Subscription

News Letter or Email Subscription can used to collect users email and send email about product.

Countdown timer Website Design Coimbatore

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is an innovative feature which is used for introducing a product or offer etc.

Some of our Manufacturer website design clients

PG Softwares in Coimbatore is specialized in developing the more number of manufacturer website design for our clients in Coimbatore, Erode, Karur etc. Some of our client details are listed below.


Located in 27-D, V.N Industrial Estate, Bharathi Colony Peelamedu, Coimbatore (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

TEX-TECH INDUSTRIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED was started in the year 1975 as a Partnership Company by Mr. S. Srinivasan to manufacture Nipper assemblies for Rieter E7, E7/2 and E7/4 Combers.

Website Link:


Located in Plot No: 3, Electronics Industrial Estate, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

Indus Electronics India (P) ltd serves the Textile & Engineering industry since 1982. It is Pioneers in Production and Energy monitoring, industrial weighing system and also in Industrial Automation systems.  Indus is the market leader in Maximum Demand Monitor and controller for the last 25 years.

Website Link:


Located in 159/2 Sivalingapuram, Textool East, Thippe Gounder Street, Ondipudur, Coimbatore (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

We developed a website for ISO 9001:2008 certified company who is a Leading Electronic Manufacturer in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India who has a highly dedicated team of technocrats and trendsetters with strong commitment to impeccable professional ethics.

Website Link:


Located in 1040, Bharathiyar Road, P.B. No. 6322, P.N. Palayam, Coimbatore (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

Ramesh Hitechk Pumps Private Limited started its operation in 1966, manufacturing Pumps and Motors. It is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps in India which produce pumps to cater to the agriculture and domestic segments.

Website Link:


Located in 574/7, KNG Pudur Road, Somayampalayam, Coimbatore (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

GEECO PUMPS driven by quality since 1954 formerly known as The General Engineering Company was founded by Shri J.D.Balakrishna Naidu. In the beginning, the company served as a service industry doing repair works of Oil engines and other industrial machineries.

Website Link:

Tools and Technologies We Use for Matrimonial Website Development

We use multiple technologies like Php, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Laravel, My SQL, PayU Money and few more for developing Matrimonial Websites in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.

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