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Facebook Optimization Tips

Tips for Facebook Optization


1. Choose Business Name:
Depending upon the page that you want create, you want to select a unique page title for your business page.

2. Create the custom URL for the business page:
URL of the business page plays a vital role in accordance to the search engine, so select a URL address in accordance with the business respectively.

3. Optimize the Title and Description& Customizing the page:

  • • Just like optimizing the keyword in your website, you have to choose the relevant title and description as they play as seo elements.
  • • Reposition of images makes a better view of the fan page so that your page doesn’t look like a sloppy.
  • • About the business page should be optimized without any grammatical errors because the potential customer will thought of in appropriate professionalism.
  • • Clean up of the older post or irrelevant post. Highlight the new post and distract the people seeing the irrelevant post.

4. Adding phone number and address:
Adding phone number in the business page can effectively increases your business and also adding of local address have a vast influence for the growth of your business.

5. Creating back link for the business page:
More inbound links have high authority in Google, likewise in Facebook more links from the digital channel like Youtube, twitter and your website.

6. Optimizing status of the business page:
Posting a new status in your Facebook business acts like a Meta tag, so choose the opted status and also provide a direct link to your website.

7. Facebook notes:
Facebook notes provide a ability to create number of pages below the main fan page.

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