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Executive Website Design Price Coimbatore India

Executive Website Designing Cost: Rs. 20,000/-

Executive Website Designing Package is a best website designing package in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.

Executive Website Designing Package is suitable for the companies who like to expand their business and reach. This package has so many attracting and useful website designing features in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.

In this Executive package, we will add upto 20 pages while developing your website and later you can add as many pages as you want. In this package, instead of normal slider we are providing Animated Layer Slider. You can easily add, edit and delete pages with the use of drag and drop funtctionality.

Even though this package has lot of advanced features like Pricing Tables, Circle Counter and Bar Counters, You can hand pick any 2 advanced modules which you want to integrate in your website. There are more than 20 advanced features for the customers to choose from.

Standard Website Design Coimbatore

Executive Website Design - Features

Wordpress Website Coimbatore

Wordpress Website

We use Wordpress a content management system for developing the website.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Coimbatore

Mobile Responsive

Website will be Mobile Responsive with CMS. Works well in both Android and IPhone.

SEO Supported Website Design Coimbatore

SEO Supported Design

Website developed by us will be Search Engine Optimization friendly.

Real Photos and 2018 Layout Coimbatore

Photos & Layout

We use Real Photos and 2018 trendy eye catching Layout for website designing.

Geometric Pattern Website Design Coimbatore

Geometric Pattern

Geometric pattern design will be used while developing the website.

Royalty Free Icons Images Coimbatore

Royalty Free Images

We use only Royalty Free Icons and Images for website designing process.

Fav Icon Website Design

Fav Icon

Fav Icon feature wil be used during the website development process.

Custom Design Template Coimbatore

Design Template

2 Custom design template will be provided to customer for confirmation.

Slider Website Design Coimbatore


5 numbers of normal moving sliders or 3 Layer Sliders will be provided.

Website Design Screens Coimbatore


20 number of pages with slider on homepage will be provided in this package.

Product Zoom Website Design

Product Zoom

Product can be opened in Lightbox and Zoom feature will be provided.

Photo Gallery Website Design Coimbatore

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery option along with Lightbox Zoom feature will be provided.

Video Gallery Website Design Coimbatore

Video Gallery

Video Gallery page with multiple videos feature will be provided in the website.

Pricing Tables Website Design Coimbatore

Pricing Tables

Pricing Tables can be used in the website to display product or service price.

Tab Accordion Views Website Design Coimbatore

Tab & Accordion

Advanced Tab Views and Accordion Views will be used during Website Development.

Blog Website Design Coimbatore


Self Hosted Blog in the website with Comments option will be provided.

Comments Spam Filter Website Design Coimbatore

Spam Filter

Inorder to prevent spam in comments, Spam Filter will be configured.

Google Translator Website Design Coimbatore

Google Translator

Google Translator feature will be in the website to translate in multiple languages.

News Scrolling Website Design Coimbatore

News Scrolling

News Scrolling will be provided in the website with either Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling.

Testimonials Website Design Coimbatore


An option to display the Company Testimonials will be provided in the website.

Contact Form Validation Website Design Coimbatore

Contact Form

Contact Form with validation & Captcha will be provided in the website.

Document Attachment Website Design Feature

Attachment on Contact Form

Document Upload and Attachment option will be provided with contact form.

Custom Fields Website Design Coimbatore

Custom Fields and Message

Custom Fields and Message after contact form submission will be provided.

Dynamic Map Website Design Coimbatore

Dynamic Map

Dynamic Google Map for the address will be embeded in the website.

Social Network Follow Website Design Coimbatore

Social Network Follow

Social Network follow option for facebook, Twitter and Gplus will be provided.

Social Network Website Design Coimbatore

Social Network Like

Social Network LIKE, TWEET, SHARE will be provided in all the pages in website.

Fixed Sidebar Layout Website Design Coimbatore

Sidebar Layout

Fixed Sidebar Layout will be used in Innerpages design during website designing process.

Custom Widgets Sidebar Website Designing Coimbatore

Sidebar Widgets

Custom Widget like Menu, Gallery and Forms can be added in Website Innerpage Sidebar.

Video Background Website Designing Coimbatore

Video Background

Advanced concept of Video Background section will be used in the website designing.

Youtube Videos Website Design Coimbatore

Youtube Video

Youtube videos can be embeded in the website easily without using iframe.

SEO Options Website Designing Coimbatore

SEO Options

SEO Title, URL, Meta Descriptions and Keywords will be configured in the website.

Google Analytics Website Design Coimbatore

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be integrated to monitor the website traffic and visitors.

Website Security Coimbatore

Website Security

Website Security plugins will be installed and various security measures will be used.

One Year Monthly Backup Coimbatore

Backup & Updates

One Year monthly backup & Plugin version updates will be done for the website.

Licensed Theme Website Design Coimbatore

Licensed Theme

We are using Licensed Divi Theme for all wordpress website development.

Drag Drop Page Builder Website Design

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Drag & Drop Page Builder option is available for website easy management .

Webmail Account Coimbatore

Webmail Account

Upto 5 numbers of Webmail Accounts can be created for a website.

Website Administration Control

Website Control

Client will be provided with Website Administration Control to manage.

Unlimited pages Website Design Coimbatore

Unlimited Pages

Apart from the 20 Pages, you can add unlimited pages in the website.

Page Image Management Website Design Coimbatore

Page Management

User can easily Add, Edit and Delete pages and images in the website.

Customizable Layout Website Design Coimbatore

Layout Design

Easy to build Layout design for all inner pages using Drag & Drop Page Builder.

Editable Website Layout Design

Editable Layout

Even the homepage layout can be easily edited without any programming knowledge.

Customizable Menu Website Design Coimbatore

Customizable Menu

User can easily Add, Edit and Delete pages in Menu with available drag and drop option.

Colors Fonts Website Design Coimbatore

Editable Fonts & Colors

Fonts and Colors used can be changed by the user without any programming knowledge.

Google Font Website Design Coimbatore

Google Font Integration

Google Fonts can integrated in your website if user wants a particular font to be used.

Online Help Documentation Website Design Coimbatore

Online Help documentation

Online Help documentation for admin [ Training will be based on Hours].

Digital Marketing Coimbatore

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will be a separate. Digital Marketing is not included in this package.

Digital Marketing Coimbatore

Any 3 Advanced Modules

Client can select any 3 Advanced Modules of their choice from the listed features below.

Executive Website Design - Additional Premium Features

Speed Website Design Coimbatore

Website Speed Optimization

This is advanced feature which is used for optimizing the website and speeding up website.

Automatic Image Compression Website Design Coimbatore

Automatic Image Compression

This is advanced feature which automatically reduces the image size for speeding up website.

Innerpage Slider Website Design Coimbatore

Innerpage Slider

Normal Slider Images for Innerpages can be provided instead of normal full width images.

Mouse Hover Animation Website Design Coimbatore

Mouse Hover Animation

Latest Mouse hover Animations on text and image can be provided in the website.

Monitor Uptime Downtime Website Design Coimbatore

Monitor Uptime Downtime

Using this feature, user can Monitor the uptime and downtime of your website.

Browser Notifications Website Design Coimbatore

Browser Notifications

Enabling this feature will show the browser notifications option for website visitors.

Live Chat Website Design Coimbatore

Live Chat

Live Chat feature can be integrated in website for providing better support to user.

Visitor Counter Website Design Coimbatore

Visitor Counter

Visitor Counter options displays the information about the number of visitors in website.

Bar Counters Website Design Coimbatore

Bar Counters

Bar Counters are used to display various informations in a graphical bar representation.

Circle Counter Website Design Coimbatore

Circle Counter

Circle Counter feature is used to display various informations in a graphical circle counter.

Video Slider Website Design Coimbatore

Video Slider

Video Slider is an advanced concept in website design. This option can be provided.

FAQ Website Design Coimbatore


FAQ option be used in the website to display questions and answers about product or service.

Star Rating Website Design Coimbatore

Star Rating

Star Rating for Individual pages can provided which will be useful for Page Rank in SEO.

Popup Notification Website Design Coimbatore

Popup Notification

Popup Notification option can be used in the website to display offers, urgent announcements etc.

Staff Details Website Design Coimbatore

Team Staff Details

This option allows the admin to display details about the staff and team members in the website.

Events Website Design Coimbatore


Events Page will be provided in the website to display past and upconing events in the website.

News Letter Email Subscription Website Design Coimbatore

Email Subscription

News Letter or Email Subscription can used to collect users email and send email about product.

Payment Gateway Integration Website Design Coimbatore

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway will be integrated in the website to collect the payment online.

Quick Search Website Design Coimbatore

Quick Search

Quick Search feature will allow the website user to search through pages easily.

Flowchart Diagram Website Design Coimbatore

Flowchart Diagram

Flow Chart Diagram is graphic representation of data in flow chart diagram in website.

Multi Language Website Design Coimbatore

Multi Language

Multiple Langauge feature is used to develop a website in more than one language.

Countdown timer Website Design Coimbatore

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is an innovative feature which is used for introducing a product or offer etc.

Download Files Website Design Coimbatore

Download Files

Facility to download the files like PDF, Doc, Excel and CSV directly from the website.

PDF Upload Website Design Coimbatore

PDF Upload

PDF upload option allows the website visitors to upload the PDF file in website.

Membership Website Design Coimbatore


User Level Site Administration with various roles is possible using this membership.

Content Restriction Website Design Coimbatore

Content Restriction

This is an important feature which allows Restricting Content for Login Users.

Website Designing Price in Coimbatore India

Executive Website Design Price Coimbatore India
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Executive Website Designing Package is a best website designing package in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. Executive Website Designing Package is suitable for the companies who like to expand their business and reach. This package has so many attracting and useful website designing features in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.

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