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Catering Website Designing Coimbatore India

PG Softwares website Design Company in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India provides the best and quality catering website designing services for the past 14 years. We are specialised in the designing of catering website with your required functionalities. If you plan to start the catering business, fast food, mobile catering and restaurant services etc we can help you to publish about your catering services on the internet through a brand new website in India. The catering website helps to know the information of your services like custom menu, online order, delivery, table booking, offers and payments. We have an expert team in India to create UI design and website design template using Adobe photoshop. With our cumulative experience we can adopt colours techniques and design trends for your catering website design template. We are using the licensed word press divi theme for developing the catering website design in India.

We design your website with professional look and feel which leads the visitors to stay more time on your catering website. We all are well-known the catering industry service is growing industry in all over the world. The catering website design in India helps to get more visitors. We assure our website design turn your visitors into loyal customers. We have more experience in designing of the catering website in India so we only know more about the basic necessary features when developing your catering website. The perfect catering website design with good search engine optimization (SEO) helps to increase the visibility in all the search engines. We have good SEO team. If you need to develop the website with SEO in India, we can give you the best price.

We follow new strategy in catering website design to manage your customer orders and schedule deliveries with online payment. We provide the updated product menu in your catering website which can be shared with visitors or customer through social media like facebook, twitter and instagram etc. We provide the following elements to make a good catering website such as proper layout, fast load time, mobile friendly, solid navigation, good SEO and clear call to action.

We are developing the catering website design for the following functions

  • Wedding catering website
  • Corporate catering website
  • Catering for Mass gathering
  • Catering for Birthday Parties
  • Catering for Get together
  • Catering website for Cocktail party
  • Catering website Engagement Function
  • Catering for Baby shower function
  • Catering for House Warming
  • Catering for Temple function
  • Catering for Ear Piercings function
  • Catering for Family sweet package
  • Catering for Sathabishekam functions
  • Outdoor catering website
  • Industrial catering website

How we help to promote your catering business?

  • We design your catering website with search engine friendly.
  • We make your wedding catering website to get more visitor impression.
  • Your website helps to identify your catering service in Coimbatore.
  • We make your catering website with more information and good looking.

What are the benefits of a catering business?

  • Catering business is the profitable and self satisfactory business.
  • Once the customers love your services you will get more orders through the referral business.
  • Providing of the quality services will attracts new customers and keep them for a long time.

How to get more catering orders?

  • Design and develop your catering website with google friendly to increase organic traffic and earn google ranking.
  • Target your audience through social media marketing such as facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.
  • Show your customer positive feedback on your website, social pages and other classified websites. Customer feedback will help to get more orders.

How to make money from catering events?

  • Get the annual orders.
  • Spread your services world-wide.
  • Regularly touch with your customer.

What are the advantages of a website for a catering business?

  • Catering Website helps to build your client relationships, retaining existing customers and encouraging repeat visits.
  • Catering website helps to show your delicious food and services images.
  • Customer can get more information about your services.
  • Customer satisfaction is the importance for all the business. Catering Website help to get the customer feedback which helps identify your business and also eliminate customer problems.
  • Catering website helps to advertise your new services or new dishes into a target market.

Catering Website Design - Features

Mobile Responsive Website Design Coimbatore

Wordpress website design

We design your catering website by using licensed divi Wordpress theme and plug-ins.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Coimbatore

Responsive website design

We provide the responsive catering web design with CMS which helps to view your website in any devices.

Easy to update back-end Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Easy to update back-end

Our website design allows the user can easily update the backend.

Google Maps Integration catering Website Development Company Coimbatore

Google Maps Integration

We embeds the Google maps in to your website.

Enquiry Form catering website design Coimbatore

Enquiry Form

The Enquiry form provides in your website to engage customer.

Display category of services catering Website Design

Display category of services

We display the each category of services for your catering website.

Home Page with image Sliders in catering website desing Coimbatore

Home Page with image Sliders

We adds the slideshow into your home page to increase your website impression.

Licensed theme catering Website Design Coimbatore

Licensed Theme

We utilize licensed theme to develop your catering website.

Optimized Image Gallery Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Optimized Image Gallery

We upload the high quality image related to your restaurant, food, menu, events, recipes etc.

Optimized Video Gallery Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Optimized Video Gallery

Contact Form with validation & Captcha will be provided in the website.

Testimonial catering website desing Coimbatore


The testimonial helps to get the feedback from your customer.

Client details catering website design Coimbatore

Client Details

We displays your client’s details to get the new customer.

Update the product menu Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Update the product menu

The product menu helps to display the list of food details.

Display offer details  catering website design coimbatore

Display offer details

The offer details are displayed to get the visitor’s impressions.

Payment Gateway catering Website Design Coimbatore

Payment Gateway

Easy Register form will be provided in our matrimonial Website for our users.

Online Ordering Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Online Ordering

We provide this option for the customer can order the food online and get the order to home or other locations.

Online reservations Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Online reservations

We will provide only the Verified Phone numbers in our matrimonial website.

Template design Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Template design

Initially, we provide the 2 custom templates based on the customer requirement.

Catering Blog Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Catering Blog

We provide multiple packages in our website for the users to select from.

Social Media Connection Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Social Media Connection

We provides the social media connection for engaging the online customers or visitors.

Validate phone numbers Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Validate phone numbers

We provide only the valid phone numbers in the catering websites.

SEO Services Catering Website Design Coimbatore

SEO Services (Optional)

We design your website based on SEO friendly for getting the Google ranking when user search for food or related keywords.

Catering event photos Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Catering event photos

We display the catering event images.

Catering Website Design- Advanced Features

Services Slider Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Services Slider on Homepage

Services is listed in the homepage of any product category.

Sharing Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Sharing the services

The services can be easily shared via any social network such as facebook, twitter, Google etc.

Optimize the website speed Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Optimize the website speed

Our website design allows the user can easily update the backend.

Automatic image compression catering Website Development Company Coimbatore

Automatic image compression

The automatic image compression plug-ins installed for increasing the speed of the website.

Live chat catering website design Coimbatore

Live chat

The live chat option can be utilized in the website for best customer support.

News catering Website Design


Display the news about the catering business in World Wide Web.

Special Services catering website desing Coimbatore

Special Services

If you offer any special services for any function you can add by using this option.

Licensed theme catering Website Design Coimbatore

Review & Rating

We utilize this option in which page need to promote which is used to get the valid review and rating.

Powerful filters Catering Website Design Coimbatore

Powerful filters

We upload the high quality image related to your restaurant, food, menu, events, recipes etc.

Benefits of developing the catering website design in PG Softwares Coimbatore India

  • We provide the user friendly website to get the visitor impression.
  • We design your catering website into suitable for all occasion to engage your customer.
  • We utilize various technologies such as Php, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Laravel, MySql, PayU Money etc in developing the catering website.
  • We develop the Custom design for catering website.
  • We apply innovative ideas, techniques and unique features into your website for promoting your catering website services in the market.
Matrimonial Website Design Coimbatore Tamilnadu India

Some of our catering website design clients are listed below

Ohm Vijay Foods

The Ohm Vijay Foods is a traditional company of about 50 years of well-experienced in catering fields. Our company is crossing the three generations. Initially, we started as a small idly business and had grown to a level of supplying 1, 00,000 idly a day with a huge customer support and we are happy for that.

Website Link:

Nalina Foods

Nalina foods are engaged in food manufacturing service in Tamilnadu state since 2005. We are delivering south Indian traditional foods such as Idli, Dosa and paddu batter with quality ingredients for manufacturing idly, dosa and paddu and other varieties of batter.

Website Link:


Thookuposi is a pioneering concept offered to provide healthy yet yummy choices of food to different age groups ranging from 5 years to 85 years. Orders for breakfast and lunch are usually placed one-day prior delivery while the orders for Dinner are taken on the same day, till 11:00 pm. Even a SINGLE BOX can be delivered all over the city of Coimbatore and Tirupur.

Website Link:

Sreenath Recipes

We bring you simple and easy recipes, which even a beginner can prepare easily. The ingredients we use are easily available in your kitchen.

Website Link:

Tools and Technologies We Use for Catering Website Development

We utilize various tools for developing the catering website in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. Based on the user requirement, types of the business, selection of package and the tools will be finalized by the developers.

We use multiple technologies like Php, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Laravel, My SQL, PayU Money and few more for developing Matrimonial Websites in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.

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